015: Recording, Live evidence of new material, Merch info, etc.

In realizing that it's been more than a year since I've posted anything here, it seemed like it wouldn't hurt to share some information now that we've finally got a few concrete things in the works again. We began tracking last week for what will be our first release of new material since the "Hypersleep" record (aside from the bonus track for the vinyl release of the 2008 EP): A three-way split LP with two Cali bands. Creator-Destructor will once again be handling the release, which will tentatively be in October, so as usual expect some rad vinyl color options. I don't want to jump the gun by giving all the details prior to a press release from the label, but I'll say that we're contributing three new songs, and to expect a little more tempo variation vs. our older material.

For now, you can check out a video of one of the new songs being performed in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend, courtesy of Frank Huang & Metalinjection.net:

...and some photos taken during drum tracking.

In addition to the split record, we've been working on ideas for another solo release, as well as some live recordings, that we would potentially release ourselves in some form or another before too long. Also, this thing you're on now isn't ideal, so a new, more legit website seems like a good idea. Stay tuned.

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