013: S/T Vinyl Release Announcement / General Update

For anyone who hasn't seen the Google logo today (definitely one of their best looking ever), this marks the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight - seemed like a relevant day for an update, since those of you who have picked up a physical copy of our new record probably noticed the "I see no god up here" quote attributed to Yuri Gagarin that we have featured prominantly in the album artwork. While there are differing schools of thought regarding whether the Soviet cosmonaut may have actually spoken these words during mankind's first moments immersed in the endless galactic expanse of space, we couldn't pass up a line that so perfectly fit with the underlying themes of "Hypersleep"... the melancholy solitude of space travel and questioning of religious belief.

Anyway, that probably sounded like a whole lot of bullshit if you're not properly spaced out- but you may still be interested to know that we'll officially be re-releasing our Self-Titled (at least it was, when we were still going by Voyager) debut on 12" vinyl through Creator-Destructor within the next few months. People have asked us about a vinyl release ever since the CD was originally released back in 2008, so needless to say it's long overdue. The LP release will feature all new artwork + a recently recorded new song as a bonus track to sweeten the deal. More details to follow.

At the end of this week it'll have been a month since "Hypersleep" was released, and so far it has surpassed expectations in terms of sales (and more importantly, the generally positive feedback we've been getting), so a big thanks from us to everyone for that. If you haven't picked it up yet, CDs, Gatefold 2xLPs and album-exclusive shirts are available for order now through www.creator-destructor.com.

Lastly, we'll be doing a nine-day trek out on the west coast in support of the album beginning in early June, as well as more shows around the Northeast this summer - check here for dates.



whatshername said...

I love you VYGR. I wish you were from Europe, I really do.

VYGR said...

Sometimes I do too, depends on what part. It's a personal goal of mine to make it over there for at least one tour with this band, so everyone should make their bids for what countries/general areas they want to see us come through so that we have a better idea of how to route it if/when we have the opportunity to play Euro shows.

whatshername said...

Well, if you ever make it to this part of the globe, you'd better come to Greece or Imma find you and whoop your bums. I'll provide food, shelter and I don't know, whatever you people need. Promise.

Or, you know, if you think it's too risky, please pick a place around here, like Italy or whatever.

Truth is I could travel pretty much anywhere in Europe to see you guys, so, scratch that, just play some shows over here if/when you can.