011: VYGR - HYPERSLEEP Info + New Song


The first noteworthy development to report is that as of November 2010, the band is now officially going by VYGR instead of Voyager - pronunciation remains the same, we've achieved a plane of existance in which use of vowels is no longer constructive.

Second, as promised, is the lowdown on our new full-length, "Hypersleep". I'm going to borrow from the press release:

Massachusetts' Ambient-Sludge masters VYGR (pronounced "Voyager") have announced the release of their highly anticipated full-length debut, "Hypersleep." The Double-LP/CD release will hit stores on January 25th, 2011 via Creator-Destructor Records.

The band entered Planet Z Recording studios with acclaimed producer Zeuss (Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, Arsis) in Massachusetts for the production of "Hypersleep". Guitarist PJ Mion states: 'Working with Zeuss was a great experience for us. From the start he was on board with wanting to capture our live sound, getting everything to sound huge while avoiding the use of click tracks/sound replacement/re-amping etc. that seems to increasingly be the norm for most 'heavy' music these days. The end result is a heavy, spaced out metal record that actually sounds like it was played by human beings. Coinciding with this release we're planning for a much more active show schedule, always playing as loud as humanly possible."

Also, on our end I'll add that while we didn't want to abandon the dense, moody atmosphere present on our self-titled release, a conscious effort was made to incorporate more intricate melody and dynamics, including sci-fi soundtrack ambience, 90s space rock elements, and plenty of delay-soaked guitar leads. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

VYGR - "Hypersleep"

1. Solar
2. Flares
3. Orbital Hallucinations
4. Galactic Garbage
5. -
6. The Hidden
7. Shapeshifters
8. Unmoved Mover
9. Path to the Unknown
10. Event Horizon
11. We Drift
12. A Distant Beacon

That's it. Album artwork will be posted as things move along. For now, head over to VYGR.bandcamp.com to check out a song from the record, "Shapeshifters", and give us a shout to let us know what you think of it.



Anonymous said...

Salivating at the thought of this LP. Please tell me they won't be plain black pressings?

VYGR said...

I'm fairly confident that we'll have something special available for people who take advantage of preorders.

Ian The Crusher said...

So pumped. Had this pre-ordered weeks ago.